AR + autographs
Are Worth Money

We’re partnering with the biggest names. Bringing you authentic autographs — secured by smart contracts. Buy, sell, trade them on GoldPencil — and see them in Augmented Reality.


Got an incredible eSports team? Who’s your favorite Twitch Streamer? What MMO have you sunk 100+ hours into?

Buy their Authentic Autographs and in-game items — secured by smart contracts — displayed in AR.

Author autographs

You’re a smart cookie. You read ebooks for business and pleasure. Then why don’t you own an autograph from Andreas Antonopolis? Or Dan Brown? How about Tim Ferris? Buy them at GoldPencil.  See them in AR.

See your favorite books, webcomics, and eSports games come to life in Augmented Reality


Buy, sell, trade on the largest exchanges

Goldpencil = b2b2c

Connect with fans + Earn more revenue

Game Studios

Crowdfund new games. Monetize current games. All by offering collectibles based on your characters and loot. Visible in AR and secured by GoldPencil's smart contracts.

Autographed collectibles

Traditional sports leagues. MMA champions. Formula 1 teams. NASCAR champions. Olympic medalists. Winners and their teams from all industries can sell their autographs to their adoring fans around the world -- with GoldPencil.

Publishing Houses

Your authors can host book signings from home. Sell limited edition eBooks, digital autographs displayed in AR, and "pop-up" collectibles secured by smart contracts.

market size


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Show off your fanhood. Showcase your collections by posting to your favorite channels: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more.


Traveling? On a vacation? You can read the eBooks you buy with GoldPencil. Just open GoldPencil’s e-reader and relax. 


Make money. Open the GoldPencil marketplace to sell, trade, or buy authentic autographs & AR collectibles. Or visit larger markets like Opensea & Rarebits.

ar / vr

Autographs are meant to be seen! Show off your collection of autographs and AR cryptocollectibles using your smartphone with GoldPencil AR.

CEO, Author


TEDx speaker, documentary film maker, published author.  

Currently forging partnerships with bestselling authors, eSports champs, game dev. companies, and agencies representing popular figures in sports and media.

Hello, GoldPencil 


Marco Lopes

Founder of KordSpace — a blockchain & VR/AR app development agency. 

Serial Entrepreneur, ETH dev, and jack of all tech trades. Currently creating GoldPencil’s ERC-1155 smart contracts + Augmented Reality items.

Android Dev.

Summer Brochtrup

UI/UX  development for GoldPencil. Integrating mobile and web.

Making sure the user experience is excellent for customers around the globe. 

Goldpencil's partners in progress

We’re collaborating across industries

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